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PutterFit Set Up Instructions & User Manual – PutterFIT

PutterFit Set Up Instructions & User Manual

PutterFit, together with the HOLE MORE PUTTS™ Tablet is the high tech solution to help customers choose the right putter, quickly & easily.


How it works

PutterFit has been designed in collaboration with golf professionals and golf retailers from across the world and uses HOLE MORE PUTTS™ Tablet technology – infrared motion sensors capturing 6,600 readings per second.

PutterFit measures the 3 key factors when making putter recommendations – Face Angle, Strike Point and Putter Face Rotation.

After 5 putts, PutterFit calculates a PutterFit Index – a measure of suitability between the putter and the golfer.  The more suitable the putter is to achieving a square face and a consistently centred strike, the higher the PutterFit Index will be.

After each Putter Test / Session, PutterFit will provide recommendations on selecting a more suitable putter – be it a different head style, shaft position, increase / decrease in putter length among many potential solutions.

How to set up PutterFit

To get the most out of PutterFit Software, read and carefully follow the step-by-step instructions:

  1. About the Tablet.
  2. Activate PutterFit Software.
  3. Set up your Putter Database.
  4. Apply a Pairing Strip to Putter(s).

If you experience any difficulty, contact us on


Set up PutterFit

About the Tablet

  • Lighting Conditions: the Tablet measures and takes account of the surrounding (or ambient) light conditions in its’ putting environment.  The Tablet measures the ambient lighting conditions – e.g. indoors but well-lit, outdoors but overcast, bright, sunny, etc. – and adjusts the sensitivity of the infrared sensors.

You should always use the Tablet in good lighting conditions – indoors and outdoors.

  • Lining up the Tablet: if you line up the Tablet incorrectly, the results may be wrong.  Because the Tablet focuses on the stroke rather than the result, we recommend you place the Tablet on a flat surface, line up to a target 8-10’ away and place a block (e.g. a rolled up golf towel) across the aim line.  For more detail, please refer to ‘Lining up the Tablet’ information in PutterFit – 5 Step Process To A Suitable Putter.

  • Factors Measured: for more detailed information on each factor and, the tolerances and boundaries for each measurement, please refer to ‘Operating Specifications’.

Activate PutterFit Software

  • Download the iOS Putterfit App 

On your iPad, download the PutterFit iOS App from the Apple App Store and follow the on-screen instructions to install the App.

  • Log in to the PutterFit App

Log in to the PutterFit iOS App using the username and password created at the point of purchase.  If you forget the password, use the “Forgotten My Password” link to reset.

  • Connect the Tablet to your account 
    • After login, go to the Menu bar ☰ on your iPad (positioned top left) and select ‘Manage Devices’.
    • Select ‘Add a Tablet’.
    • You will be given the option to ‘Pair’ the Tablet.  Select ‘Pair’ to sync the Tablet with your account.  (Note: you can only add one Tablet to an account.  If you have more than one Tablet you will need two separate accounts to manage data.)
    • Once you have connected the Tablet successfully a message will appear “Success, Tablet added to your account”.
    • When connected successfully, you can exit and return to the homepage of the App by clicking ‘Home’ from the Main Menu.
  • Connecting to the internet 

Make sure your iPad is connected to the internet when the iPad is connected to the internet successfully you will see a signal bar on the top right corner of the iPad screen.  Then select ‘Go to Dashboard’, this will open your web browser from within the application where you can view the putting data.

  • Welcome to PutterFit! 

After login, you need to press the padlock symbol (bottom right corner of your screen).

The default administrator pin code is 4321.  You can change this in your admin profile by selecting, Menu → Settings → Profile.

Set up your PutterFit Database

You have complete control over your Putter Database applied.  You can choose the breadth and depth of the range of putter models included to suit your business needs.  By default, all putter models are classified ‘Not In Stock’.  To make them eligible for putter recommendation you need to toggle them to be ‘In Stock’.  PutterFit will identify the most suitable putter(s) from the putters you have selected as being ‘In Stock’.

  • Go to the Menu on your iPad by pressing the ☰ button.
  • Scroll down and select ‘Putters’ to access the Putter Database.
  • Scroll through the Database and select the brands you want to include.
  • If you are not able to see the Putter Database contents then your ‘Store Profile’ still needs to be set up, please contact support on

  • Select the desired year and model of the putter(s) you want to include.
  • Select the variations of the putter(s) you want to include by sorting through the putter lengths, right / left handed and the various grip sizes you want to include.
  • When a selection turns amber in colour and reads ‘In Stock’, it has become part of your Putter Database and is available as a recommendation.
  • Repeat this selection process for all putters you want to show and recommend to customers during their Putting Test / Session.

Applying a Pairing Strip to Putter(s)

To ensure you have a readable surface, apply a Pairing Strip to the bottom of each putter as shown (supply included).

Ensure that:

  • The strip runs in line with the leading edge of the putter.
  • The black line in the white area is lined up with the centre of the putter.
  • If the strip is longer than the putter, wrap the edges of the strip around the heel and toe of the putter.

Pairing Strip needs to be aligned with the centre of the putter

Correct application of the Pairing Strip

Incorrect application of the Pairing Strip

When you have applied the Pairing Strip to the base of the putter, you will have created a virtual white putter underneath.

Note:  you must keep the Pairing Strip on the putter while using the Tablet.  Failure to do so may provide inaccurate data.

PutterFit – 5 Step Process To A More Suitable Putter

The 5 Step Process

This is a step-by-step process to ensure you are able to perform a successful PutterFit Test / Session with a customer.

  1. Lining up the Tablet.
  2. Creating a New Customer / Session Profile.
  3. PutterFit Test / Session – Taking Putts.
  4. Understanding & Interpreting The Diagnosis & Recommendations.
  5. Performing Additional Tests / Start New Session.

1. Lining up the Tablet

Lining up the Tablet correctly is important for correct results.  Follow the steps below to get the best results.

  • Select a flat area of the green (or carpet).  If indoors, use your Tablet in a well-lit room.
  • Push a tee in to the surface (or place a coin, can etc.) as a target.
  • Place the Tablet 8-10’ away from the target.
  • Align the centre line on the Tablet with the centre of the target.
  • Place an alignment stick, club or rolled-up golf towel across the aim-line approximately halfway between Tablet and target.
    (This will separate stroke from result and stop the customer adjusting their set up or aim to compensate for misses.)

2. Creating a New Customer / Session Profile

  • Go to the Menu on your iPad by selecting the ☰ button.
  • Select ‘+New’ option.
  • Enter the customer’s details.  (Note: ‘wrist to floor’ measurement is not mandatory and is stored at the discretion of the fitter.)
  • When you have entered the customer’s details you are ready to start a PutterFit Test / Session.

3. PutterFit Test / Session - Taking Putts

  • Choose a putter selected from within your PutterFit Database, select the Toe Hang Value or select by brand, model.  Once selected, you can refine by selecting the relevant putter length and grip thickness.  (Note: a putter can be the customer’s own, one they would like to purchase or one selected by the fitter.  Weight, loft and lie populate automatically from the Database.)
  • Select ‘Start Putting’.
  • Place the Tablet on the putting green as per instruction detailed in ‘Lining up the Tablet’ section.
  • Press the power button and then press √.
  • Make sure you are in the correct ‘mode’ (refer to Switching between PutterFit & HOLE MORE PUTTS™ mode on the Tablet section below or refer to page 9 of the PutterFit Set Up Instructions & User Manual).

  • Place a ball on the centre spot Ο.
  • Address the ball either right handed or left handed.
  • When the light turns from flashing red to steady green, take a putt.
  • After 5 putts, the Tablet will take a few seconds to create a results file and return to the start screen.  You are now ready to press the “Sync Tablet” button on the iPad.
  • When importing the results file from the Tablet, a steady blue wireless signal will appear and along with it a red flash to indicate the upload of data.  On the iPad a blue box will appear highlighting there is a results import taking place.  Once completed, please wait a few seconds for the PutterFit Software to interpret the data and provide the necessary diagnosis and recommendation.

4. Understanding & Interpreting The Diagnosis & Recommendations

  1. PutterFit Index Score: measure of putter suitability between the golfer and the putter, taking into account the score averages and levels of consistency in Face Angle, Strike Point and Putter Face Rotation.
  2. Average Face Angle: formulated average from the Face Angle results at impact of the 5 putts.
  3. Average Strike Point: formulated average from the Strike Points at impact of the 5 putts.
  4. Average Face Rotation: formulated average from the amount of Putter Face Rotation coming in to impact of the 5 putts.
  5. Consistency: a measure of consistency for each result.
  6. Diagnosis: based on the result of 5 putts, recommendations are made for each of the 3 elements (Face Angle, Strike Point, Putter Face Rotation) that can help the golfer find a more suitable putter.  Depending on the nature of your business you can enable / disable ‘Instruction’ as a recommendation from the Admin Profile (Settings).
  7. Help / Tooltip: clicking on this will give guidance about why the recommendation was made.
  8. Filters: using filters will allow you to show results for a specific brand, length etc.
  9. Recommendations: putters that correspond to the above diagnosis and characteristics are selected from your Putter Database.
  10. Putt Analysis: selecting putts 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 will reveal the individual putting data from the 5 putt set, allowing you to analyse further.
  11. Last Set Recommendations: recommendations on the right hand side always belong to the last set of data.

As per the image above:

  1. Face Angle: the Face Angle result for this putt.
  2. Strike Point: strike point location result for this putt.
  3. Putter Face Rotation: the amount of Putter Face Rotation for this putt.
  4. Path Video: the video will demonstrate the path of the putter head as it comes in to impact.  (Note: this does not incorporate Putter Face Rotation.)

5. Performing Additional Tests / Start New Session

  • To add another Putter Test to the session, select ‘Choose Next Putter to Test’ or if you want to start over with a new session, click ‘Finish Session’ to save and start a new one with the same customer.
  • To start a session with a new customer, select ‘Finish Session’, go to the Menu and click ‘+New’ to create a new customer.

Your Admin Profile (Settings)

Editing your Admin Profile (Settings)

  • Go to the Menu on your iPad by clicking the ☰.
  • Select ‘Settings’ option.
  • Select ‘Profile’ option.
  • This area allows you to edit the following information:
    • PIN Code.
    • Business Details.
    • Account Password.
    • Enabling / Disabling Customer Data Sharing.
    • Enabling / Disabling Instruction Recommendations.

Adding Staff Profiles

PutterFit allows for the creation of multiple staff profiles, each with their own PIN code.  This allows the administrator to track and monitor staff usage of PutterFit.

  • Go to the Menu on your iPad by clicking the ☰.
  • Select ‘Staff’ option.
  • Select ‘Add a Staff Member’ and enter the relevant details, the PIN code requested should be unique to the staff member and used every time they log in to use PutterFit.

Message & Notifications

PutterFit will from time to time send you messages and notifications of system updates and Putter Database updates to keep you informed.

To read and / or delete these messages:

  • Go to the Menu on your iPad by clicking ☰.
  • Select ‘Settings’ option.
  • Select ‘Messages’ option.

Billing Section: Invoices & Payments

All billing is handled centrally through your account profile on the HOLE MORE PUTTS™ website, to access this:

  • Go to the Menu on your iPad by clicking ☰.
  • Select ‘Settings’ option.
  • Select ‘Billing’ option.  This will open a new page giving access to your account area on the HOLE MORE PUTTS™ website.

Using the Tablet

Main Menu

To access the Menu, first turn on the Tablet and press the up ↑ or down ↓ arrows on the keypad.  To access a number of options on the Tablet toggle between the up ↑ or down ↓ and left ← or right → arrows on the keypad.  To select press √.  To cancel press ⊗.

  • Results History.
  • Date / Time.
  • Options.

Switching between PutterFit & HOLE MORE PUTTS™ mode on the Tablet

To transition smoothly between PutterFit & HOLE MORE PUTTS™ you need to ensure that:

  1. Both Apps are installed and set up on your iOS device.
  2. Your Tablet is switched to the correct ‘mode’, matching the App you will be using.

  3. The PutterFit App cannot be used with the HMP mode.  The HOLE MORE PUTTS™ App cannot be used with the PTF mode.

Switching between modes is done and controlled on the Tablet.  To change mode, go to: Menu → Options → Mode

You can toggle ↑ and ↓ to change between HMP and PFT modes.  Make sure you save your selection before exiting this page.  Once saved, exit and exit again and you will have switched to your chosen mode.

Results History

To access sets of data not yet uploaded to the PutterFit App or Website, go to:

Menu → Results History

You will find a lot of data sets that have not yet been uploaded.  Toggle between the up ↑ or down ↓ and left ← or right → arrows on the Tablet keypad to navigate between sets.  To select press √.

Date / Time

To set the date and time of the Tablet, go to:

Menu → Date / Time

Toggle between the up ↑ or down ↓ and left ← or right → arrows on the Tablet keypad to navigate between the characters.  To select press √.  To cancel press ⊗.

Operating Specifications

What are the normal operating ranges for each Impact Factor?

PutterFit measures 3 Key Impact Factors for Putter Fitting Selection.  It is designed to operate within the following ranges.

  • Face Angle: -10˚ to +10˚.
  • Strike Point: -25 mm to +25 mm.
  • Putter Face Rotation: -10˚ to +10˚.
What are the normal operating temperatures to use the Tablet?

The Tablet operates best between +5 and +35˚C (between +41 and +95°F).  Do not to use the Tablet outside this temperature range as correct operation outside this range is not guaranteed.


I'm running out of Pairing Strips, where can I get more?

You can order additional Pairing Strips online here.

How to perform a system reboot on the Tablet?

A system reboot or reset is done by holding down the power button for at least 10 seconds.

Battery does not charge?

Please check to make sure the USB cable and wall charger are inserted all the way.

Please try using another USB cable (this type of cable is widely used in the electronics industry) or in a different outlet.

If you are still experiencing issues please get in touch via the contact us enquiry form.

There is 'ghosting' on the Tablet screen, should I be worried?

No, you need not be worried, this is a common occurrence when using these type of e-paper screens.  To remove ghosting, when the Tablet is switched on, hold down the power button for 10 seconds, this will switch off and reset the Tablet and should remove any ghosting at the same time.

How to locate the serial number of your Tablet?

To locate the serial number on your Tablet, go to: Menu → Options

The line starting with Ser#: xxxxxxxx is your serial number.

Alternatively, the serial number is also located on the back of the Tablet underneath the barcode.